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Our Process

Making sure things are done right

Greene Street Designs understands the importance of buildingour process and improving your business through a professional web development process. Our team of designers, developers and graphic designers will tailor your project around your company’s products, services, objectives and budget. Each step in the process is geared toward producing a high quality product and ensuring that we achieve the established goals and objectives.

Our steps in the development process includes:




  • 1. RESEARCH:

    We will research and present layouts that suit your business needs, to allow maximum interaction with your target audience. We will consult with you to discuss the project and the overall objective in creating the website. Colors, layout, features, future updates, and site maintenance essential to the project will be reviewed.

  • 2. DESIGN / CODE:

    Using the latest design platforms and programs, we will provide a layout theme or a mock-up of your company’s website. Images and logos (stock images, customer graphics) will be incorporated into the layout.


    During this phase, we will provide a link to the project’s website to test its functionality, payment checkout, and site layout.

  • 4. GO LIVE:

    It’s time to GO LIVE! We know this is an important moment for any company and their business. We will work with your company to ensure a smooth transition during the rollout of your website, and the best methods to attract new visitors.

  • 5. SUPPORT:

    Now that your website is LIVE, your company may need random updates to your site. We can provide answers to your questions, and add or revise web content as your company grows. We also offer site maintenance and management for businesses needing frequent updates and site monitoring.


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