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SSL Certificates

Image descriptionSetup and Installation

GSD will make sure your SSL is installed properly and setup properly to secure your website and is automatically renewed for the following year’s subscription.

Image descriptionSecure Encryption

Make sure you user’s information and data is encrypted when passed over the server.  Prevents system hacking and stolen data.

Image descriptionOnline Payments

When using a Merchant Account for receiving online payments from users, you will be required by the MSP (Merchant Service Provider) to have an SSL linked to your account as well as a Terms & Conditions page and Privacy page.


Prevent your users data from ending up in the wrong hands. Stop hackers from from stealing data your customers share on your website such as passwords and credit card information. SSL and Secure Certificates provide security by encrypting communications between the server and the person visiting your website. It is generally required on e-commerce sites accepting credit card payments online.


When using a Wildcard SSL Certificate, it enables SSL encryption on unlimited subdomains using a single certificate. Each subdomain must have the same primary domain name and TLD ( i.e. .com, .net, .edu, etc.). For instance, “” , “” , and “store.yourdomain” would all be secured when using the same Wild Card SSL, but “” would not work because it has a different primary domain.

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